when you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous.

i am twenty-two, on the verge of twenty-three. i am an obsessive blog-reader but have come up short when trying to discover a twenty-something blog. specifically, a blog written by a twenty-something that doesn’t give me advice (hello, we quarter-lifers don’t have anything figured out) & doesn’t discuss the latest fancy$chmancy trends (i’m applying to grad schools right now, enough said).

so cheers (tequila shot, lime, & salt in hand) to busting out into the crowded blogging scene! expect lower-case letters, thoughts on film, music, books, & analysis of romance (or lack thereof) & snarky commentary on humanity.


About quarterlifequips

i'm twenty-something, soon to graduate with a BA in english (doesn't mean i enjoy capitalization, applying to grad schools, & workin' for the man. i love sad film, bubbles/balloons/sidewalk chalk, typewriters, fisheye & holga photography, feminist studies, & musicians their music. i enjoy wanderlusting, screaming lyrics in my car when it's dark on the highway, making mixed cds, & eating chocolate several times everyday. View all posts by quarterlifequips

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