hedonism at the office = who can eat the most baked goods.

you are stuck in your cubicle around the holidays, or you are standing on your feet in front of a cash register being forced to ask “would you like a gift card?”, or you are unemployed & mooching off mom & dad. ’tis the season to celebrate christmas/hanukkah/kwanzaa/or the term i like to steal from seth cohen in “the oc” – chrismukkah, BUT of course you are stuck working full-time while on a break from school or getting extra cash by babysitting your bratty second cousin. regardless, you don’t have time. you’re a twenty-something that gives all of her time to climbing the social & career ladder.

soooo when you get the e-vite for a ugly sweater christmas party, you panic. you’ve got to bring something, so you think: wine? no, i’ll bring that for myself. deli/cheese tray? i’m not made of money.

then you come up with the brilliant idea to bake. the thing with baking is, although i love playing martha stewart from time to time in the kitchen (except i don’t use my own hen’s eggs or freshly churned butter), who wants to spend time on that? i’d rather go to a happy hour or catch a $5 movie on the theater’s off-hours.

what’s the solution? a three step yummy christmas recipe. yeah, three steps. my office has had the twelve-days of overindulging wherein everyone randomly brings in goodies. i have sucked down fudge, roughly the same weight as a baby, consumed so many pieces of brickle-this, brickle-that, & had enough cheese & crackers for a million little ratatouilles. today i noticed something a little different but equally delicious on the table: pretzel turtles. the recipe i ate was virtually the same, except the pretzels were heart shaped, with the rolo and pecan in between. if you’re bitter about love (i’ll be the first to admit it) then you might want to opt for a generic square pretzel (or a heart with a dagger in it, perhaps?). happy eating!


About quarterlifequips

i'm twenty-something, soon to graduate with a BA in english (doesn't mean i enjoy capitalization, applying to grad schools, & workin' for the man. i love sad film, bubbles/balloons/sidewalk chalk, typewriters, fisheye & holga photography, feminist studies, & musicians their music. i enjoy wanderlusting, screaming lyrics in my car when it's dark on the highway, making mixed cds, & eating chocolate several times everyday. View all posts by quarterlifequips

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